The following are the places you must visit and that have activities that are a must-do in Kaikoura:

Hiking up Mount Fyffe

Mount Fyffe is one of those places that you get to reap its benefits after a grueling climb. Snap pictures with excellent backdrops of the ocean and the domineering mountain.

Catch Your Dinner

Kaikoura is one place for those who love fishing make it a favourite holiday destination. Catch crayfish and other fishes on a fishing tour.

Play with Dolphins

Kaikoura is one of the places that accord its visitors an opportunity to swim with wild dolphins. Friendly, it is an otherworldly experience being around them.

Go and Watch Kaikoura Seals

Catch a glimpse of fur puppies in winter at Ohau Stream or the Ohau Point one of the places in Kaikoura that are home to thousands of seals.

Kaikoura Whale Watching

There are places around the world strategically positioned for great views of the whales, and one of them is in Kaikoura. Catch a glimpse of the Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, Southern Right Whales and the Sperm Whales.

Check Out the Maori Leap Cave

Take a tour to one of the places in Kaikoura that have quite a historical significance for the Maori people. A one hour tour will have you gawking at this magnificently ocean carved cave.

Stroll the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway

Avid walkers will find the Peninsula Walkway a beautiful break from the usual day to day by walking the brick footpath paved for a nature walk unlike any other.

Biking Up Mount Fyffe

Hiking up the mountain is a task enough, so if you are a skilled mountain biker, grab yourself one and ride on up the mountain.

Go Snorkeling and Diving

If being on the water is not your thing, then get into the water and enjoy the sea life down under.

Seabird Watching

Kaikoura is a place with a large population of sea birds of all kinds. Watch giant albatross swoop down and catch their dinner while relaxing on the beach.