If you want to identify a great restaurant, look for one that is operated by a family. They put in all the passion, love, and skills they have to provide their patrons with the best dishes and service. That is what you will get at the Green Dolphin Restaurant and Bar, food prepared with all the passion and love of a family who has been in the restaurant business for years.

Seeking to be identified as the go to place for excellent food and services in Kaikoura, Green Dolphin Restaurant cooks its food from locally sourced produce expertly prepared in its kitchen by chefs who have years of experience in their pockets.

Kaikoura is known for its cray fish and other fresh fishes which are usually caught by the fishermen, and it would be a disgrace if not served at the Green Dolphin.

The restaurant also has lamb, beef, and wild game meat in its menu, offering up a diverse menu for the many who come to eat there.

Nothing beats eating and drinking to your fill shadowed by great panoramic sights of the Kaikoura bay and the Kaikoura ranges known as Seaward. Get to watch the sun set behind the ranges while digging into a plate of divinely prepared rib eye steak and wash it down with a nice glass of wine.

The restaurant combines different local flavours with international ones to cook their distinctively Kaikoura dishes.

If you are looking for a restaurant that is not only warm and welcoming but also serves delicious food with a choice of wine from its extensive wine list and also grab a beer at its bar, then the Green Dolphin Restaurant and Bar is the place for you.

Make a point of making a reservation when visiting Kaikoura, you definitely will not regret it. Enjoy the hospitality provided by a family that passionately works to provide the best dishes for its patrons.