You would not think that Kaikoura can be a top foodie haven which it in fact is. The following are some of the top-rated Kaikoura restaurants:

Cay’s Crays

This place will have you lining up to get their freshest crayfish not cooked or cooked for your enjoyment.

Nin’s Bin

Another caravan that serves and sells crayfish is Nin’s Bin found some 23 kilometers away from Kaikoura. Opt to have yours cooked, or you can take a fresh batch of unprepared crayfish to go and cook at home.

Café Encounter

Encounter in Kaikoura has yummy sandwiches, cakes, and pastries for when you do not want to eat heavy and just want to munch on a sandwich and drink coffee.

The Green Dolphin Restaurant and Bar

A fine dining establishment that serves cuisines such as beef, seafood, lamb and venison which you get to wash down with the best Canterbury wines.

The Pier Hotel and Restaurant

With a history, a century plus old, this restaurant will have you dining on its delectable cuisine shadowed by its beautiful mountainous background while sipping on some good wine.

Koura Bay Lodge

A restaurant with an a la carte menu that varies with what is available seasonally has had many raving about its service and food.

Kaikoura Indian Restaurant and Café

A restaurant that will serve you authentic Indian food in Kaikoura stepping away from the usual menu expectation of strictly seafood or English inspired dishes.

The Donegal House Irish Restaurant and Bar

Authentically Irish, get to this Kaikoura restaurant to receive Irish hospitality and dishes that are Irish and substantial to measure.

Lobster Inn Tavern

A favourite spot for the locals, the Lobster Inn Tavern is the best place to go with a big group of people who love eating quality food served in big portions. Down all that food down with a nice cold brew.

Zephyr Restaurant

A modern restaurant in Kaikoura serving French infused food with a welcoming and friendly service.