News that foodies want to hear, a food tour that will satisfy all and any palate out there. If you do find yourself in the Kaikoura area, make sure to book yourself one of these food tours or ask the locals to show you the best restaurants to savour the best domestic and international cuisines.

Learn How to Cook Local New Zealand Foods With Kaikoura Food And Cooking Tours

What sounds better than eating local and international cuisines while in Kaikoura? Well, that would be learning how to make that food. Just imagine impressing the socks off of your guests when you tell them how you learned about the meal you are serving them on your excursions in New Zealand?

The Kaikoura Food and Cooking Tours will take you through extensively enjoyable classes where you get to learn how to cook local New Zealand cuisines and other diverse foods. I mean, imagine learning how to make your chocolates or taking your taste buds through a uniquely Maori cuisine.

Tour the Vineyards at the Waipara Area

Sip on the finest wines this side of New Zealand while munching on nibbles that pair well with the wines on offer. This tour will ensure you get to taste the award winning wines that have made Canterbury a well-known wine producing region.

Canterbury is known for its Riesling and Pinot noir wines in addition to Gewurtztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay, so you are guaranteed to have your favourite type of wine on offer. Some established, boutique and master wineries dot the Canterbury area.

We cannot talk about wines without mentioning delectable meals that would pair well with the different wines made in the area. During the tour, there will be a lot of provision for mouth-watering cuisines made out of seasonal produce.

Apart from the food and wine, you will get to breathe in the clean air of the Canterbury countryside. Opt for either half day or full day chauffeured tour.